About us

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About us

The Eurapco Academy is internationally oriented, business focused, and people driven. Its main aim is to create impact within the Eurapco Partners by providing participants with state-of-the-art further education. The Eurapco Academy offers a large variety of programmes and international experiences. The programmes have been developed according to the needs of the Eurapco Partner employees.

New programmes are constantly developed to address new challenges which arise in the ever-changing insurance markets. You are invited to explore and join in the unique opportunities Eurapco offers.

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We believe that cross-border learning is the key to creating impact within the Partner organisations: by impact we refer to turning theory and key learnings into initiatives and actions that improve results and customer value.



The mission of the Academy is to be a trustworthy  international platform that enables people to continuously develop and learn from each other.


Cross-border learning

  • Leveraging the knowledge that is already present at the Partners and identifying thought leaders.
  • Leveraging the diversity within the Alliance.
  • Innovating together: the more people are involved in similar innovative practices the faster it leads to results.

Acting on real
business needs

  • Organising programmes together with the business. 
  • Cooperating with Partner’s academies. 
  • Tailor-made programmes.

Creating and
maintaining sustainable

  • Getting acquainted with each other. 
  • Using e-join (Eurapco’s social collaboration platform) and other social tools to stay in contact. 
  • Creating Alumni networks. 
  • Organising relevant Alumni activities.

Continuous change = continuous learning

  • Keeping up to date with the constant industry changes. The Eurapco Academy identifies these changes in conjunction with the business and develops tailor-made learning programmes if and as long as there is a need for it.


  • Creating custom-made programmes by leveraging knowledge within the Alliance instead of undertaking external costs to achieve this. 
  • Offering in-company programmes.

Creating real impact

  • Experiential learning. 
  • Action learning projects sponsored by the business. 
  • Real-life challenges. 
  • Increasing business performance.

Our History

In 1992, the Eureko Board aimed to enhance leadership understanding of the market and industry trends. The first Executive Programme launched in May 1993 with INSEAD Business School. Later collaborations included Ashridge Business School (2003), Business School St. Gallen (2012), and London Business School (2018).

The Eureko Academy, established on July 25, 1994, fostered know-how exchange.  A management exchange program facilitated experience transfer within the alliance.

The Eurekans Programme for high-potential managers stemmed from the Executive Programme. In 2012, the Leadership Experience began, focusing on strategy, leadership, and transformation.

In 2012, the Eureko Academy became the Achmea Academy, still delivering leadership programs for Eurapco.

In 2016, the Eurapco Academy was formed, and specialist programmes were introduced, starting with the Actuary Programme.

In 2016, the first Leadership Alumni Event occurred, addressing participants’ desire to maintain the Ashridge experience. The Learning Leaders network was launched in 2018, fostering collaboration among Eurapco Partner academies.

In recent years, specialist programs like Claims, Cyber Risk, Underwriters, Data Science, and Design Thinking were introduced. Investing in dedicated, motivated, and well-trained employees cultivates a high-performance culture.

The Eurapco culture reflects its Partners’ geographic and cultural diversity. The Eurapco Academy supports career development, enhances Partners’ performance, and fosters learning, innovation, and future success within the Eurapco Alliance.


The Eureko Board set the goal of making good use of the knowledge of the Partners


The Executive Programme was launched to bring senior leaders together


The Eureko Academy was established


The start of Eurekans Programme


Eureko Alliance was renamed to Eurapco


Start of International Exchanges across the Partners


The Eurapco Academy was launched


With the Actuary Programme, Specialist programmes were introduced. Also the first Leadership Alumni network was formed


The concept of International Project Learning Experiences was launched






1st Eurapco Hackathon in collaboration with the Innovation Group was organized


Participants over the years


Average Satisfaction Rate for the Eurapco Programmes

Currently Eurapco Academy counts a total of


In the last five years


International Exchanges took place


Active Alumni Networks


of Eurekans Projects are implemented at partners

Nicholas Keel Eurapco Academy

Driven by the demands of our enterprise, dedicated to business-centric strategies, and forging robust connections for a culture of perpetual growth, our organization flourishes through the global synergy of our collaborative partners. Let’s persist in augmenting value collectively.

Nicholas Keel
Project Manager
Anton Peeters Eurapco Academy

Acting on business needs, focusing on business performance and creating strong networks to enable continuous learning, Eurapco Academy thrives on the international diversity of the Eurapco Partners. Great to drive this forward!

Anton Peeters
Head Eurapco Academy