How does the registration process to a programme work?

The participation in the Eurapco Leadership Programmes is decided by the HR departments of the Partner companies. If you have applied for one of the Leadership Programmes via the Eurapco Academy website we will inform your local HR department with your interest. A final approvement must be given by them.
In case of all other applications, we consider your application to be approved by your company/manager.
For Reale Mutua participants participation is coordinated by the Reale Mutua Academy. Please coordinate your interest for a programme with them first.

How can I withdraw my application?

If you want to withdraw your participation, please send an e-mail to with your withdrawal information. Please be aware of our cancellation policy: In the event of cancellation, programme fees will be payable according to the following schedule:
90 to 60 days’ notice: 50% of the fee
60 to 30 days’ notice: 75% of the fee
30 days’ notice or less: 100% of the fee
For most programmes you can send someone to replace you: in case we don’t have costs, we will not cross charge you with a cancellation fee.

What is the main difference between a programme and a project learning experience?

A programme is a learning and development intervention which is either online, physical or a combination of both. It includes different learning methods and can include learning by working on a project.

A Project Learning Experience revolves around learning on the job by working on a real existing project of one of the Eurapco Partners. The project is in the center of the learning experience and the working is combined with learning elements like coaching and teaching about the work you do on the project. The project learning experience is tailor made. Therefore, the duration and costs can vary. Benefits of the project learning experience are: very relevant learning closely related to your current job activities; you can take the insights of the project outcomes back to your own company; you will increase your professional international network of peers

What is the difference between participating a Eurapco project and participating a Project Learning Experience?

When participating in a Eurapco project you will work on a real project, issued by one or more Eurapco Partners or issued by Eurapco on behalf of Partners. You will apply with your skills and expertise to help delivering project results.
When participating a PLE you will also work on a real project, issued by Eurapco or one or more Eurapco Partners . The intention is to develop your skills and expertise on the topic at hand. To do so, you will work on the project, but you will also be guided by an expert. This expert will assist you, guide you, explain the topic(s) in order to create a learning process for you.

Will I get a certificate if I participate in a programme?

Most programmes include a certificate of participation from Eurapco Academy. In case we use external partners (like London Business School, Hult Ashridge business school, etc) you will also receive a certificate from them.

How do I become part of alumni network?

Eurapco Academy aims on continuous learning between the Eurapco Partner employees to create value. Therefore, the creation of networks of peers is essential. If you have joint a Eurapco programme, you are automatically a Eurapco Academy alumnus/alumna. Currently two alumni networks are actively supported: the Leadership Alumni and the Actuary Alumni. For these networks Eurapco Academy offers a yearly meeting. More information about these meetings you can find on the alumni page of the website. In the future we will support more alumni networks when participants think this is useful.

What does an international exchange consist of? How can I participate?
An international exchange means that you will travel to another Partner company to develop yourself and/or get answers to a business problem you might have.
As every exchange is tailor made, the experience can vary in duration, location and content. Before your exchange starts, this will have to be defined.
Participation is coordinated by the Eurapco International Exchange Group consisting of members of all Eurapco Partners. See list here. Via the Eurapco Academy website you can subscribe to our International Exchange here.
Who pays for costs of living and traveling during an international assignment?

The costs of an international assignment are paid by the Partner company that sends an assignee. Usually housing and work permits can be organised in coordination with the hosting Partner.

Can I get Continuous Development Points or Permanent Education points joining a programme? How do I get them?

For some of the programmes you can get Continuous development points. An example is the Actuary Programme. Eurapco Academy can deliver the agenda of the programme, including the duration and the topics. We also create a presence list signed by the participants as proof of participation. The agenda together with the presence list can be sent to the organization that provides the Continuous development points.

How can I get a reference about a programme?

On the website you can find different references of former participants. If you would like to get in contact with former participants of your company, please send an email to with this request.

How do I know my English is on the right level?

As knowledge sharing and learning starts with understanding, a minimum level of the language spoken is essential. Eurapco Academy programmes are taught in English. Together with Education First (EF) Eurapco Academy offers you a free test to determine your level of English. Please request for a free language test by sending an email to . Based on the outcomes EF will offer you a language course to up your English to the right level (preferably B2 level or higher).

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